The Old Kind Of Tattoos

March 5, 2013 § Leave a comment

In working on a research project at work, I stumbled upon a photo called “The Old Kind Of Tattoos” a stranger posted on a message board about Wildwood in its glory days. I stared at the photo for a while, recognizing a younger version of a beloved relative. theoldkindoftatoos

That’s my Uncle Buddy!

He used to hand-paint old-fashioned temporary tattoo transfers and sell them at a rickety little stand on the boardwalk. The first time he ever applied one on me, I was so afraid it was going to hurt (and he may have played up that fear just a little). There was the stickiness of the tattoo on my arm, the cool, wet sponge and then incredibly, the tattoo was on my skin and the paper was perfectly clean, if not a little slimy. It was SO COOL. I remember playing in the tattoo storage closet and being what felt like waist deep in Ninja Turtles, Bart Simpson heads, snakes coiled around daggers and MOM hearts. Each one was slightly different, a product of the slightest tremor or shift in focus.

Remember when the simple things were the most magical? I love those rare moments when passion and creativity blend into a delicate simplicity.


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