Inappropriate Halloween Costumes II

October 30, 2011 § Leave a comment

I did one of these last year, but the selections of 2011 are just so phenomenally slutty, I had to bring it back.

Caution: Duck Face

New this year, the slutty construction worker throws the caution tape to the wind. It looks like the only thing under construction recently were her breasts.


First of all, this costume lacks the front butt signature of the rodent star in the world’s most annoying marketing campaign of all time. However, at least you’ll know up front that the girl rocking this at a party probably has the intelligence of a rodent, drives a dorm room on wheels and very likely might be a closet furry.

Fruitful costume

I guess when you can’t produce a decent costume idea, raid your local grocery. Unless you have a group of friends dressing up like fruit flies, this “fruit cup” costume is pretty seedless. Also, lemony nipples? Not so appealing.


Really? If I ran into this on the street, my head would explode. What ARE you? Some kind of children’s show star grown up and deranged? A slutty muppet? A Japanese game show host? I don’t even know what to do with this.


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