September 6, 2011 § Leave a comment

For around 4 years, I dated Dustin. We met right after I turned 21 and dated through my last year of college. We broke up and had one of those weird, undefined floating “relationships” for about a year before eventually getting back together for 2 blissful years while I was in Grad School. Then he ripped my heart out, spit on it and we haven’t spoken in over 2 years.

Don’t worry. I’m ok. Sometimes I even have happy little memories pop into my head and it’s actually nice.

The other day, I noticed this guy working one of the games on the Boardwalk. And… well, I don’t have any photos of Ex-Dustin, but trust me when I say he looks almost identical to this guy, who I’ve dubbed EuroDustin:

My Ex-Boyfriend's European Doppelgänger

If you knew him, you’ll see it. It’s uncanny.

They both have the same styled-shaggy, messed-up-to-perfection, undefinable hairstyle.
They both rock the slightly douchey 2-day stubble.
Ex-Dustin would probably wear that leather bracelet too, if only once.
They both have funny lip expressions in photos.
they both have nice hands, nice teeth and big noses.

Ex-Dustin was WAY too proud to ever work at an amusement park.
EuroDustin is much thinner.
Ex-Dustin would never wear those shades (but they look nice on EuroDustin)
EuroDustin is always laughing and smiling (Ex-Dustin was kind of a hardass)
Ex-Dustin probably has better taste in music.

I have no idea what country this guy is from or what his name is, but every time I see him, I have to laugh. And he laughs right back.


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