Fine the Feeders

July 25, 2011 § Leave a comment

image via marcus j roberts

Seagulls no longer exist. The scavenger shore birds of my youth have evolved into advanced predators. A few years ago, you could find someone here or there who had a cutesy seagull-snatched-my-sandwich story.

Now, there are vicious attacks.

The birds have learned. They no longer scavenge, but hunt like flying sharks. They attack children because they know kids are weaker. They swoop down from behind your head so you never see them coming. Suddenly, your sandwich is gone and your hand is bleeding.

You want clean beaches? You want to do away with beach tags? Shore communities could generate substantial revenue from ticketing seagull feeders on the beaches, boardwalks, in parking lots and from hotel/condo balconies. Make feeding the seagulls illegal. It’s our only defense.

As a seagull attack survivor, I urge you to write to your lawmakers, like this page, tell your survival stories. Fine the feeders!

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