30 Days of Creativity- Day 22

June 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

We’ve been having a bit of a freak fly problem around the house. Seriously. There were 25 flies trapped in the tiny bathroom alone & The Magician spent an hour laughing maniacally and swatting a rolled up copy of Maxim wildly around the bathroom so hard he left scuff marks on the sink and toilet, but he did claim 19 carcasses.

To help, I created this sexy fly trap. The flies will see this lovely lady fly making kissy lips and winking at them and when they creep around to get the view from the back, SLAP! The paper pulls away from the wall at the top so I can slap the paper against the wall to effectively kill the fly. He will then fall into the sticky part for easy disposal!

Hi there, guyzzzzzz!

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