30 Days of Creativity- Day 8

June 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

A play in one act based on dialogue that ran through my head in a halfsleep state.


She, a 30-something woman
Him, a 30-something man.

Act One, Scene 1

[HIM’s small loft apartment. The bed is situated against the far wall, beneath a window with standard blinds. Beside the nightstand, SHE’S small overnight bag, unzipped, a pair of jeans lay half out of the bag. HIM sleeps on his back, snoring loudly. SHE lies awake on her side, facing away from HIM. SHE slips out of bed fluidly and tiptoes to the duffel. SHE puts on the jeans, a shirt, picks up the bag and tiptoes to the door. SHE places her hand on the doorknob. HIM shifts and rolls onto an elbow facing SHE.]

HIM [sleepy, but surprised]: Where are you going?

SHE [without turning]: I’m leaving.

HIM: Why?

SHE [loosens grip on doorknob, but does not let go or turn around. SHE turns her head to the side, but does not look at HIM] Because this is what I do, isn’t it? I come rushing into your life like a flood, filling up whatever holes, whatever’s missing for a while and then you drain me from your life. This time, you can’t [SHE turns her head back to the door]… I’m evaporating.

[HIM sits up in bed]

SHE: I loved you for a very long time… in a way I don’t think I’ll ever truly comprehend. [SHE turns the knob, opens the door] And it meant nothing.

[SHE exits in one fluid movement. It begins to rain. HIM lies back in the darkness. A flash of lightning illuminates his face through the blinds for a moment. HIM lies awake staring at the ceiling. Thunder.]


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