When Art Attacks

March 18, 2011 § Leave a comment

If I came into work one morning and this was perched on my 6th floor window, I would immediately set myself on fire and throw myself down the nearest flight of stairs.

"La Princesse" in Liverpool (photo by Matthew Andrews)

From the moment when astonished commuters discovered the giant arachnid clinging to a building next to the railway station, to the spectacular finale five days later, the creature stopped the city in its tracks and captured the hearts of Liverpudlians and visitors alike.  Will she ever return?

Hearts! It CAPTURED hearts! It didn’t even need to build a web. It just took them and presumably devoured them like little candies! This is the most evil thing ever created. Where is the superhero necessary to destroy this horrid thing?

‘She waved her massive legs at the crowd and they waved back, she sprayed water and the crowd begged for more, and when she was caught in a snowstorm and went to sleep in the middle of the main retail area, the audience gave out a great collective sigh of pleasure as if they had all been given a precious free gift.’ The Guardian, 8th September 2008

Great! It also, apparently hypnotizes humans into dancing around like monkeys, clapping and begging for it to spray them with acidy webmucus.

I hate this thing. I need to find out where it rests now, hunt it down and destroy it in a massively impressive display of chaotic destruction and nervous/fearful screaming.

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