Doughnuts: Now Made with Style!

February 22, 2011 § Leave a comment

Oh my God! They're so SHINY!

Yummy, creamy style!

Glamour has teamed up with Krispy Kreme in the UK to celebrate its 10th year as England’s favorite rag (that’s British for magazine, right?). A take on the classic Krispy Kreme, these doughnuts look like they were iced with glittery, glossy nail lacquer. Mmmmm!

According to Krispy Kreme:

GLAMOUR Glaze is our most stylish and glossy variety yet. Based on the signature Original Glazed doughnut, these limited edition treats are finished with a sparkling glaze in shades of hot pink and purple; satisfying the taste buds with a delicious hint of strawberry and blackcurrant.

Available in all Krispy Kreme UK stores and in store cabinets for a limited time only. GLAMOUR Glaze is the perfect accessory to satisfy all tastes and styles.

Doughnuts are this season’s MUST HAVE accessory for Londoners. Clearly the magazine that’s been telling Americans not to eat for much longer than 10 years wants to fatten up the Brits.

I’d love to see what their Body by Glamour program looks like!


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