Six True Stories about Love & One Lie

September 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Love is a poem strapped to the leg of a blind courier pigeon.

If you tell love you want to cut your hair and need a machete, love will run out to the Superhero Supply Warehouse, even during their Secret Identity Sale (which is more crowded than Christmas), and buy one for you. Love will also stop at Butter Lane on the way home to pick you up a four pack of organic chocolate cupcakes with French vanilla bean buttercream. It will tell you how beautiful you are and offer to cut your hair for you. You will refuse and curl up in Love’s arms instead.

Love once entered a limbo contest and lost. It did however look adorable in a grass skirt and coconuts.

Love will never take your last cigarette, but will always buy you a new pack.

Love will also give you its only eggroll even though that was the whole reason Love ordered Chinese in the first place.

Love has no concept of time- not when growing, healing or running a marathon. It only knows what it knows.

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