Bulb Girl

April 10, 2010 § Leave a comment

There was a girl made entirely of tiny light bulbs- not the long slender desk lamp kind, more like the tiny LED variety. She sparkled like bacon grease. She walked slowly because every noe and then her footfalls broke a few bulbs. She got them replaced at the neighborhood hardware store, but the clerk complained that he wasn’t paid to be a freak doctor and she had trouble affording all those little lights.

Dating was difficult. She went out with a few streetlights, but either had God complexes or terrified her with stories of rapes and muggings only the lights bore witness to. There was one long term relationship with a headlight. His twin ultimately complicated things (issues with privacy).

One day, one of her lights flickered shorted and burnt out. All the other lights quickly followed. Her hardware physician told her she had to find the one that blew first and reset the socket. It was impossible to weed out the single defect. She spent the rest of her dark days trying to make herself glow again.


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