Nothing Exists Anymore

January 1, 2010 § 1 Comment

It started with music. Suddenly, you transferred little icons into a handheld box & music came out. You used to be able to open a jewel case, remove the artfully designed booklet & run your finger down the glossy page as you  followed along with the lyrics. There was artwork in those pages & credits, thank yous & I love yous. Now there’s a screen between you & your music. You can only interact with it through tools.

When was the last time you made a purchase with cash? We used to have green pieces of paper with dead presidents on them. Now we all have little cards with our names on them which connect directly to our bank accounts. No need for a visit to the teller. No need for paper money. It’s just a concept now- an idea that flows out of a magnetic strip into someone else’s cash register. Money spends all day invisible & floating above our heads laughing at us for working miserably over it & killing people for it.


§ One Response to Nothing Exists Anymore

  • Mark says:

    Sometimes I ponder the notion that digital bits of money and love songs are blazing through the air I breathe or through my skull and I realize that everything is all around me yet nothing is and is it really there?

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